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Automotive Magazine n°1

The only complete magazine to understanding and applying the requirements of the international specification IATF 16949.
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The Magazine for Automotive IATF 16949

Automotive IATF 16949:2016 Magazine provides all the information you need for an in-depth assessment of your ISO 9001:2015 – IATF 16949:2016 Quality Management System. The Automotive Magazine is written to help quality managers and auditors keep their skills up to date and be more effective in their business process compliance audits.

Topics such as process design, process auditing, PDCA, turtle diagrams, organisation context and systems integration will be covered in depth in the Automotive Magazine.

The only complete magazine to understanding and applying the requirements of the international specification IATF 16949

€ 12,00 for a limited time only
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About the author.

My name is Fulvio Boselli, I am an Italian engineer with 30 years of experience in Automotive Consultancy and Auditing for third Party Certification Body and a passion for the automotive industry.

While I was studying to become an engineer, I worked in an aeronautical laboratory, where I was in charge of doing some small repairs to electronic components mounted on planes and helicopters. It was in this laboratory that I became involved with the world of certification.

In 2001, I graduated in Economics and Quality Engineering and after an important experience as a quality engineer, I founded a consulting and auditing company. I have done more than 800 audits to verify compliance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949, etc. in the Mechanical, Automotive, Aeronautical, Food, Textile and Naval sectors. I have learned a lot in all the companies I have worked in, but my passion is for Automotive and Aeronautics.

You learn more by putting things into practice than by studying lots of books …. and for me it was just like that! The experience in Nissan, Jaguar and Honda was very useful to put into practice statistical techniques and methods such as FMEA, Control Charts, Ishikawa cause-effect diagram. 

Now it is time for me to share my experience with you.

Automotive Magazine


I met Fulvio as Lead Auditor (QAS - Quality, Environment, Safety) during the QAS Integrated System Certification of Toto S.p.a. Costruzioni Generali. He was available for a constructive discussion, giving us the added value without many formalities but in a practical and competent way. A serious professional, whom I highly recommend.

Gradimir Nikolic, Toto Holding

Fulvio is not only an intelligent and competent professional, but also an inspiring colleague. An innovative and reliable collaborator. He always maintains a good relationship with employees and customers. He can focus on many tasks at once. Highly recommended.

Eleonora Russelli, Quality Manager

Fulvio is one of the best auditors I have met. Despite his commitment to strive for compliance and thus ensure a sufficient level of documented formalities, he is always close to the business reality of the organisation and this makes him particularly appreciated by entrepreneurs, thanks to his views oriented to minimise risk and inefficiency.

Andrea Aulisi, CEO Play Consulting

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